ATAPE Membership

Why should I join?

  • ATAPE offers a unique opportunity for its members to fellowship with other Seventh-day Adventist professionals and entrepreneurs.
  • ATAPE offers its members opportunities to work together to support the Church in the advancement of the Advent message and the gospel work.
  • ATAPE empowers its members through seminars, conferences, conferences, and exhibitions, and prepares them to use their talents, skills, and resources to seize any arising business and professional opportunities.
  • ATAPE creates forums for members to meet, interact, and exchange ideas at personal and group levels.  Through these networking opportunities, strategic business relationships, transformational collaborations and life-changing friendships are formed.

Who can join?

ATAPE identifies Professionals as those who have certificates representing the professions they have studied from government-recognized institutions or colleges.  Entrepreneurs are people capable of seeing, identifying, and taking advantage of the opportunities around them for their own benefit, the Church, and the community around them.

Types of Membership

Normal or Full Members

These are qualified members of being members and have agreed to join the Association by paying registration fees,  annual subscription fees and the annual evangelism offerings.  This will involve even members who live abroad but are Tanzanians with qualifications to become members.

Honorary Members

These are all members who will be proposed by the Executive Committee of the Party and approved by the Annual General Meeting from the following categories:-

(a) Ordinary retired members (by their age) and cannot afford donations.

(b) Individuals with special knowledge and skills or special experiences and recognized for their contribution to achieving the Association’s goals.

Associate Members

Students of various Universities and Universities who are Sabbath-Adventists will be allowed to be members as directed by the Executive Committee.